Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Web depends on you

While this isn't a post related to Poem OS, it is important. The future depends on action today, on July 12, 2017, to defend freedoms on the Web. For more info, see

Monday, June 5, 2017

Couplet is still planned

For those patiently following the Poem project, thank you for your patience. Couplet was planned as part of 1.0, but still has not been released, leaving just half of the release (Soliloquy) complete.

That said, Couplet has not been abandoned and is still planned. The launch for Couplet is extremely overdue by this point, but should be a graceful balance between the modern touch-driven interface and the desktop when it's ready.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Soliloquy reverted, and launched

The plan was to get the Vintage image (Soliloquy) updated to the latest nightly version before releasing the final image... but it was clear this weekend that this plan wasn't going to work in time, so it is stuck with 50810 for now, which is a slightly older revision.

The good news is that by reverting back to the nightly used in the release candidate of Soliloquy, it can get changes solidified and more importantly, an image of Soliloquy uploaded and released, so at least get one half of R1 can be released today.

The raw image for Vintage should be available on the Downloads page for anyone brave enough to try it on in a VM or on real hardware. But please note -- this is not the full Poem experience. If you're looking for the full release, please wait for the second half of R1 (the Couplet edition) to launch once it's ready!

Download Soliloquy now

Couplet will be delayed (for now)...

Couplet was pushed really hard to try to make it to the end of April deadline, and back at the beginning of March, I honestly believed Couplet could emerge as a 1.0 release in the next 4-5 weeks.

Even earlier this week, I was still committed to releasing both editions on time. There's been a lot of missed deadlines and mistakes with Poem so far, and I'm tired of missing release dates, but that's only because I want to release a system I'd run on my own computer before distributing it to run on yours.

We are much farther than we were back at alpha 2, but it's clear to me Couplet needs a few more weeks to gestate, and I apologize for the disappointment in not getting Couplet to R1 on time. Please be assured Couplet really is in active development, and I still plan on getting it to R1 soon as I can, so please keep watching the blog.

Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Still working on it...

We're entering the final week of April, but Poem is still committed to a release before May... and that's in 5 days. Right now, changes from Soliloquy are being merged into a newer build, which is what has been slowing this month's release down. Also, Couplet is still being finalized.

Once everything is done, Poem will be ready for launch. For those following the project, thank you for your patience. ;-)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Launching R1 soon...

After months of waiting, Release 1 is going to launch sometime this month. With that said, this release isn't going to be perfect; it's a young proof-of-concept, being more or less an initial jump to bring the project to life. R1 is only going to launch with one locale (English) and a set of basic apps... but hopefully should be a foundation for releases following and improving it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vintage image preview released (and updates)

The release candidate image for the Vintage image (Soliloquy) is now available for download. Soliloquy is an (unofficial) flavor of the Haiku OS that will run inside Vintage as a VM. However, it can also be run standalone, though this is not supported by the Poem project!

Upgraded to nightly branch

Soliloquy switches focus from its old goal of being a fork to a simple flavor of its parent for the upcoming Vintage tool, now based on nightly 50810. It uses the Haiku repository for applications, and uses the haiku package names, suffixed by soliloquy1.

Testing new look

This image experiments with a new look, with a purple-blue palette reminiscent of Dano and Mac OS 8-9. Tabs are also a faint shade of yellow, and radio buttons are flat and more modern. Buttons and scrollers now are glassy with sharp borders... but more importantly, they are larger and taller. The reasoning for this is that Vintage will be running inside Couplet, which may be used with tablets.

Known (and unknown) bugs

When using Terminal or extracting an archive, you may get a message about lifting locks; this is a known issue in this build. Soliloquy uses its own icon set, but a few icons from Haiku are still lurking in here. As this is based on a nightly snapshot of Haiku, there are other bugs which will inevitably be in this release. Unlike Couplet, Soliloquy will not be supported by Poem.

/!\ Only a minimal CD is available!

On the downloads page, only a minimal CD is available -- it does not include fonts, artwork, or help, and defaults to a standard serif font. They will be included in the official image, so please be patient. Also note that because this is a preview release, the final copy may deviate from this build.

What about the full release (Couplet)?

While it is taking a while as Poem is a small project, Couplet is still under construction. The schedule page has been renovated to better show where the project is now. What's currently stopping release is Deskette, Pointer, the default application set, and help. Once these are to the point they are usable, the meter should leap forward to 90% and the R1 release candidate will be uploaded.

Currently, the release window for Poem is set for Spring 2017. A more precise estimate will be posted once we're close enough to release. As always, for current progress, see the schedule or roadmap page.

Thanks for reading.