Saturday, October 14, 2017

Replacing with new projects

It's time. Back in July 2016, I completely scrapped and rebooted the Poem project in an effort to save it -- after a very bad first release and after quitting. The problem, however, is that the 'R1' release of Soliloquy was rushed and should not have been rolled out as a final release at the end of April. To top this, Couplet never launched, and virtually became vaporware, despite the promises posted in the blog.

I've finally reached the realization I really can't save Poem, as its history has made it a lousy project. That said, as of today, Poem is being retired. The best way to move forward is to actually start fresh and hopefully do something great. The two new projects that will replace Poem are listed below:


Link to Kyrielle page


Link to Couplet page 

What will happen to the old downloads?

Old downloads will be archived on the Downloads page, and can be retrieved at any time. Unlike my first Linux distribution that I didn't save, the Poem website will keep any old releases for the interested.